Low Voltage Integrations for Commercial Customers

With our integration products, you will have access to a unique combination of analytical/design expertise, process knowledge, and systems coupled with our proven ability to manage all phases of your project from conception to completion.

With modernized buildings, it’s important to use our services to design and install fully integrated security solutions to identify and counter the events and threats to your property and personnel.

By working with your building engineers, we will incorporate systems keep your building’s operating costs low and fulfill all your requirements. This includes system integrations that are flexible, with state-of-the-art monitoring functions and integrated safety technology.

In the Commercial sector, companies' needs go beyond a basic physical security system. Due to the variety and complexity of commercial companies, the security system can range from simple to very complex.

Most of these companies combine Access Control, Video Surveillance, and Intrusion Systems to have a complete solution for protecting people and assets. Fire protection is a critical part of the security and safety system found in commercial companies.

The Challenge

There are some challenges with this sector as most companies must meet certain Commercial standards including regulatory requirements. Installed security and safety systems must be reliable with availability close to 100%. This requirement is met by our professionally installed high-quality components. In addition to these systems, companies must have a very specific and well-defined process of evacuations and accounting of their personnel during emergency situations.

Other challenges include outdoor installations and extreme conditions. This requires system components that can function across wide ranges of temperature, humidity, and exposure to foreign matter such as dust, grease, etc.

No matter how diverse your business is, these challenges and more can be addressed using integrated solutions from LEK Technology Group.

The Solution

An integrated Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion and Fire Protection System provides a complete solution for the commercial business. Our solutions are well positioned to support for the commercial business. Our solutions are well positioned to support this market sector with their ability to integrate all required components.